Sunday, January 19, 2014

Such A Tease Lashes


2 days in a row! This is what I'm aiming for.. So today I wanted to show you some lashes I recently bought. I see beautiful lashes all over Instagram and I wanted to branch out from my regular drugstore lashes. Some of the more fancy ones I've come across are mink lashes and are about 40$ a pair, I'm just not digging that. I'm sure they're great but meh.. I found Such A Tease Lashes and thought they were so cute and wanted to give them a try! If you want to see more about these lashes, click below!

First up, the packaging is so cute! Very Victorias Secret-esq.

The lashes I got are "So Seductive." They're very long and full, but natural.

I didn't realize how difficult it was to photograph lashes, but here they are! I do have liquid liner on in this pic, I always put it on when I wear lashes to hide any signs of the band. They're long and full, but whispy too. They were comfortable to wear. They have a clear band instead of the thicker black one some lashes have, which I like. It's really just personal preference though. I could probably find a drugstore lash that is similar to this one but I do like these. The website has 10 different styles to choose from, all $2.99. I like to have fun, different lashes on hand so I definitely plan on purchasing some others :)

I hope you liked this post, and thank you so much for reading. I also hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Let's see if I can go 3 days in a row tomorrow! I'd really love to get a tutorial or at least an eye look up. It's just difficult when you're working with natural lighting only in the winter time. I need to get myself a light! :)

--Nicole xox



  1. I know what you mean about light. I need to create a space with more light!! These look so pretty and flirty on you!! Great price too!

    1. Thanks Margo! I'll probably just put off buying a lamp until summer, won't need it then! :)

  2. Those look beautiful and the packing is adorable!! Great review Nicole!

  3. Really gorgeous lashes!

    Ray | Obey Ray