Friday, February 7, 2014

Rimmel Stay Matte Primer Review


Hey everyone! Today I wanted to review a new primer I've been trying out, Rimmel Stay Matte Primer. Rimmel has a lot of products in their Stay Matte line, some good and some bad. I wanted to try the new Stay Matte Foundation but couldn't figure out which shade to get, so I went with the primer. If you want to know my feelings on this primer, click below!

So this primer I suppose to control shine for 8 hours, and minimize the appearance of pores. It's one of those wear alone, under or on top of makeup deals. Kind of like Benefit Porefessional. I personally have only worn it under my makeup.

It comes in a squeeze tube, which is great. The primer itself has a lotion like consistency. Very similar to their Fix and Perfect primer, except it is white and not tinted. I do like the lotion consistency compared to a regular silicone primer. This primer gives my skin a very smooth feeling without the slick feeling of some other primers.

The first thing I noticed was it did in fact minimize the appearance of my pores. Now, I have rather large pores so I was pretty happy about that. So I applied the rest of my makeup like normal. Using only this as my "oil control" product.

This primer kept me matte for almost 2 hours. After that, I didn't get oily, more like..dewy. Which I suppose isn't a bad thing but, I don't like being dewy. I prefer an all matte finish. My actual makeup still looked good, I just had a glow about me that needed to be blotted away. My pores were also a slightly more visible that when I first applied it.


Affordable, I paid 5 or 6 dollars at CVS

Lotion consistency

Minimized my pores pretty well for a couple hours

Squeeze tube packaging, (also cute!)

Didn't break me out


Only kept me matte for 2 hours

So obviously I have more pros than cons, but I just don't think this primer loved up to its claims. With a name like "Stay Matte," I had higher expectations. I will probably continue to wear it though, on a day where I don't mind needing to blot. Or don't need my makeup on all day long. I will try using it in conjunction with some of my other oil controlling products and see if there's any improvement. I do think it would be a good primer for someone who isn't super oily.

I hope you enjoyed my review! Have you tried this primer? I'd love to know what you thought. Thank you so much for reading!!

--Nicole xox


  1. I wonder what its like using the stay matte trifecta (this, foundation, powder), I like the lotion consistency! Maybe I will have to pick this up, great review Nicole :)

  2. Lovely review, I might give this product a go! I like a dewy look so it might work well for me.

    Kimberley x

    Kimberley's Beauty Blog

  3. great review dear !! xx

  4. I prefer primers with a more lotion formula instead of the silicone one too. I think you'd like the stay matte foundation though!

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  6. sounds pretty good!

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