Monday, August 26, 2013

Beauty Blogger Tag

So being a new blogger, I thought a great way for you girls to get to know me would be through this tag! I hope you enjoy learning all about me, and I tag all of you reading this to do it!

1. Is your hair naturally curly or naturally straight? Straight.

2. Do you dye it yourself or go to a salon? I dye it myself, maybe once a year. I'm terrible with my color upkeep. I kinda just let it do its natural thing!

3. Do you wear the same style everyday, or do you change it? During the work week it's always in some bun/ponytail. But on the weekends or if I need to look presentable it always changes. I curl it a lot but also like to wear sock buns lately!


4. Do you do your own mani/pedi or do you go to a salon? Always do my own! I would love to get a pedicure, I haven't had one since I was 13 no joke. I just can't justify spending the money on something I can do perfectly fine myself.

5. How often do you change your nail polish? Every 2-3 days. I love variety too much!

6. Do you polish your toes in the winter or just the summer? Year round, a little less often in the Winter though.

7. How long does it take for you to put on makeup? If I'm doing a full face look, anywhere from 15-30 minutes. Depends how crazy I wanna get..

8. What do you do first? Face or eyes? Eyes!

9. Do you collect makeup or buy what you need when you need it? I collect it! I love having a variety or colors and different products.

10. How often do you wear false eyelashes? Maybe once a week if I'm feeling fancy, huh!

11. Do you wear a full face of makeup everyday? No, I don't wear makeup during the week unless I have to which is very rare. But I do on the weekends!

12. Do you wear makeup when you're home alone or with family? If I happen to be doing a tutorial or playing around, yes. But usually not a full face.

13. Will you leave the house without makeup. Yes.

14. How many high end products do you have? I'm really not sure, almost all of the high end products I do own are used regularly though.

15. Do you plan your OOTD each night or when you're getting dressed? I wear the same thing Monday through Friday so no, and on the weekends I just find whatever's cute!

16. How often do you change your handbag? About once a month, but if I need to I will switch to a small clutch.

17. What time do you wake up and go to sleep? Wake up at 7:30am for work and I usually don't go to sleep until around 12, I don't get enough beauty sleep! I make up for it on the weekends!

18. How often or when do you workout? I use to everyday, without fail. But things have changed. My job is pretty physical so I like to count that as working out, but I would like to do it more.

19. Left handed or right handed? Left!

20. How tall are you? 5'6"

21. Do you speak any foreign languages? I do not, I took French in high school but none of it stuck with me.

22. How many pets do you have? I have one dog, Gemma, and a fish named Ted Mosby. I like to consider all my boyfriends animals to be my pets too. He has 3 dogs, 2 cats and 3 kittens!

23. How often are you on Blogger? Everyday! I'm a bit in love with it!

24. Do you read comments posted on blogs? Yes I do!

25. Do you keep a list of products to try as you see other posts? A mental list!

26. How did you come up with your blog name? Neener is just a word my girls and I say all the time. We use it to describe anything funny cute or just exciting, even though that's not the real definition of the word..that's just how we use it. I'm a pretty big totally huge goofball and it just seemed perfect.

27. What kind of camera do you use for your photographs? Right now I just use my iPhone. I use my ipad to blog and even though I have an awesome canon rebel t3i it's just a pain to transfer and resize the pictures, my phones a lot easier because everything is connected. One day when I get another laptop I will be more professional!

28. How often do you clean your house? This question plaques me..I am a housekeeper so I clean anywhere from 2-3 houses daily on my own.The last thing I want to do when I get home is clean. I still live with my mom and grandparents too. Hopefully when my boyfriend and I finally move out I will be more excited about cleaning!

29. What's your favourite colour? Purple!

30. Do you swear? Yes, not as much as when I was younger but still.

31. What are you doing with the rest of your day? I plan to shower, and post another blog tutorial. Then go to the boyfriends and hopefully catch up on breaking bad!
I hope you enjoyed! Thanks for reading!

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