Sunday, August 25, 2013

Hot Pink Smoke

Hi ladies! Today's post is a look that I think many people stray away from, but it really packs a punch! Pink eyeshadow! Lets face it, pink on the eyes can go wrong, fast. This tutorial is very easy and flattering, and I plan on wearing it more in the future. I did a look similar to this for my birthday earlier this month, but this one turned out much better. So without further ado...

So first were gonna start with a base, I used MACs paint pot in Painterly. Applied all over the lid, slightly into the crease and along the lower lash line.

Next I applied a white base on top, I used NYX jumbo eye pencil in "milk" for this. I know there are some white eyeshadow bases out there (NYX actually makes one) but I do not have one so this works perfectly fine. I only apply a little and blend it out with my fingers.

Following that I take my hot pink shadow, this one is from an NYC City Duets palette in "Island Sunset" if you don't have a pink eyeshadow, any hot pink blush would work just fine! Apply this onto the lid only, being careful not to go up too far into the crease. Side note about these NYC palettes, they're great! I have another one with 2 green shades and the pigmentation in both is amazing, can't beat it for only $2.00!

Next taking any matte black shadow and either a pencil brush or an angled shader brush (I used a combo of both) apply the black shadow on the outer corner of the eye and slightly into the crease. The key to this part is using small amounts of black shadow at a time and layering it. It's much easier to add shadow but you can't take it away once it's there! Switching between the pencil brush and angled shader also will help with the blending and getting into the smaller areas. Also apply a small amount of black along the lower lash line about halfway. I find using an angled liner brush is best for this!

Now take any skin tone eyeshadow you have (face powder works too) lightly blend out the black, keeping the concentration of the color in the crease. I did not take a picture of this next step, but taking another liner brush, lightly apply that same pink along the inner part of your lash line and blend with the black.

To finish up.. Apply your favorite black eyeliner to your waterline and tightline, liquid liner on top, highlight the brow bone & inner corner with a light shade and apply your favorite lashes! I feel long, whispy lashes look best for this look! The lashes I used are from the Kardashians "Khroma" brand, the other lashes from them are hit or miss to me but these "Glimmer Lashes" are awesome!

I hope you enjoy this look and if you recreate it please send me a picture! Thanks so much for reading!!




  1. This look is super pretty on you! I don't think I could pull it off with my skin tone!!

  2. Thank you! I didn't think I could either, give it a shot you may be surprised :) thanks for the follow!

    1. No problem :) I will definitely try it out!