Monday, September 30, 2013

Old Products!

If an effort to totally organize my makeup collection, I've gone through quite a few setups.. I finally have good system that I'm happy with. So during this whole process I came across some products that I really needed to get rid of. They're just old, and they gotta go! Anyway these are things I've held on to for no reason and I'd like to let you know what I thought of them!

Face Products.


1. Benefit Boing Concealer. I liked this. It's a very thick full coverage concealer. I didn't use it a whole heck of a lot just because I have a ton of concealers, and it dried up a bit. This one is over 2 years old and i have another new one. I think I'll start using my new one more..

2. L'Oreal Magic Lumi Concealer/Highlighter. I used this product a lot. I didn't love it though. It wasn't entirely the right color for me but it ended up being pretty sheer so that didn't matter much. I would like to check out the other colors and possibly the dream Lumi version too!

3. Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer/Highlight. I used this stuff so much! It's such a smooth blendable concealer. It doesn't have amazing coverage, but it's not necessarily marketed as a full coverage concealer. I got the 3rd lightest shade and it was a tad bit dark for me, so I went a shade up and it was just too light. So that's unfortunate but otherwise I liked it a lot!

4. Neutrogena 3-1 Concealer for Eyes. I used this a lot when I first got it. I did like it a lot and will probably repurchase once I use up some of my other concealers. It is a concealer/eye cream combo with SPF. I couldn't tell you why I stopped using it, I must have just forgotten about it.

5. Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Concealer Quad. I used the heck out of this too but didn't really like it. I felt like the areas I put it on always looked cakey afterwards no matter what I did.

6. Benefit Porefessional. This is a really old sample, it's almost gone. I'm not sure I loved it, my skin is finicky.

7. Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse. I used this stuff when I was like, a freshmen in high school. I think it broke me out when I started using it again? Also I got the wrong color.

Conclusion: I buy way too much concealer...

Lips and Eyes

On the left: Revlon Soft Nude: This is a lipstick that gets a lot of hype. I see so many people loving it and I was super excited when I bought it. It looks horrible on me, like really bad. I cannot make it work. It's just too orange for my skin tone. It makes me so sad.. I've had it for so long and you can see how much I've used.. Tried so much to love it! Haha.

On the right: Benefit Lipstick in Shy: This is actually something my mom purchased but I took ownership soon after. It's a nice mid tone pink, it's just really old.

And finally Covergirl Super Thick lash Mascara: This is a fine mascara, nothing spectacular. Just another old product.


So those are my old products. I don't know if anyone was actually interested in seeing them, but hey!

Also I was wondering if anyone thinks I write too much in my posts? When I go over them I think to myself who the heck is gonna read all this? Can you guys let me know?!

If you did read it all thank you! If you Just skimmed it thank you! And if you didn't read it at all you just visited my blog thank you! I appreciate you all! I hope you enjoyed this post!!




  1. This is a great post! It's amazing how much stuff we have laying around thats not being used lol I have the Covergirl Super Thick lash Mascara, it's ok it gets the job done lol. I personally don't think you write too much, its awesome you share your writing with everyone. I used to think that too about my blog... do I write too much or who reads it...Trust, its very likely people are reading your blog. Look at it this way by writing your letting your audience get to know you better :) Awesome post!

    1. Thanks pilar! Sometimes I feel like I ramble haha!

  2. This is a great post Nicole! I should probably clean out my old makeup as well! I always feel like I write too much in my blog posts as well! But I actually enjoy reading longer posts because they have good info in them!

    1. Thank you! It was a nice feeling, and it made me feel less bad about the damage I did at the drugstore shortly after lol.

  3. I'm planning a similar post to this along the lines of '5 products I'm throwing out' and the reasons I'm doing it. My foundation drawer is embarrassingly full of products I will never use again!
    You don't write too much. I often think that I do, but then I take the opinion that you have to describe your photos fully - that's what you'd do face to face with someone!
    Rebecca, from A Little Bit of Glitter

    1. That's awesome! I was trying to comment on your blog earlier and my dang ipad just wouldn't let me, I loved your month long usage post and would love to try something like that! Thank you so much for your Input!