Thursday, September 26, 2013

Top Coat Battle Update!

Hey there! Today I'm going to give you an update on the top coat battle I posted about a week or so can see this post here!

So these pictures were taken 3 days after my original post. 3 days may not seem like much to most of you but it's pretty usual for my nail polish. My job makes my polish wear off pretty quickly. But it's fine with me, I like to change my polish often!

The photo below shows the hand with Out The Door..

And this one shows Seche Vite
If I had to pick a winner based solely on which one preformed better, I couldn't. It would really be a tie. Even though bases on the pictures Out The Door performed slightly better.. I'd like to give some pros and cons for both polishes.
Out The Door
-Out The Door has a very thin consistency, very liquidy.
-It does dry completely within about ten minutes.
-Leaves the nails very shiny.
-Keeps the polish relatively chip free for at least a few days, probably longer if you're not rough on your nails like I am!
-it's cheap! I've seen it from anywhere between 3-6 dollars!
Seche Vite
-Seche Vite is a very thick consistency, you're suppose to let it bead up on the base of your nail and spread an even coat across your whole nail.
-It dries completely in about 5 minutes.
-Leaves nails very shiny.
-Again, keeps polish from chipping for at least a few days for me.
-It is a little more costly. About $8.00 and about halfway through the bottle, it becomes very gooey and very hard to use without buying the polish thinner for it. Plus, since you use a pretty good amount with each manicure, you go through it pretty quickly. Especially if you paint your nails as often as I do!
So, I like that Seche Vite leaves a thick coat on your nails, and it does dry completely and hard quicker than the OTD does. However, you will go through the Seche Vite a lot quicker than the OTD, and since OTD is a lot cheaper..
I like them both! But I think for now, I will be using Out The Door. I still love Seche Vite, I just feel it's more cost effective for me to use Out The Door.
I hope some of you found this post informative! It was a fun experiment for me to do! What are some of your favorite topcoats!?
Thanks so much for reading!!




  1. Great post...I agree with you! They are soo close. I have both and love both, and use them interchangeably. I like OTD though because the smell is a bit lighter

    1. Oh gosh I totally forgot about the smell. Seche Vite smells awful for some reason, probably all those wonderful nail polish chemicals!

  2. Yeah, I think OTD looks a little better just because the chips didn't creep up as high as the Seche. Cheaper is always good too!

    1. Yes! If I save money on my top coat, I can always justify purchasing that extra lipstick at cvs ;)