Sunday, September 1, 2013

Daily Makeup Organization.

For today's post I wanted to show you all how I organize the makeup I use most often. Before this little setup I had all my makeup stuffed into a makeup bag and that bugged the hell out of me. I love my makeup and I felt it should be on display! I do still have a lot of makeup in makeup bags in my drawers, but I will tackle that later. For now, I have the makeup I use the most organized and I'm really happy with it. Click below to see how I did it!

So I'll start with something not in the above picture. I found this cute little set of acrylic cups at Meijer for about 5 dollar and knew it would be really useful. Before I had these I was using small drinking glasses and that's just not practical. In the cup on the right I have all my "tools" tweezers, lash curler, spoolie, kiss lash tweezers, and some small scissors. The other cup houses all the pencils I have, lip and eye. I have tons of different ones.. Revlon, NYX, Ulta Brand, Rimmel ect. Next to that I have a bottle of my favorite perfume, Viva La Juicy. And finally I have a ceramic pig I made when I was about 10 that holds my q-tips. I know I'm an artist..

I think this is the piece I'm most excited about. I keep my main face and lip products in this. On the left side I've got some Maybelline Color Whispers, a NYX gloss, Too Faced lipstick (my favorite nude lipstick) Too Faced lip insurance, an ELf lip exfoliator (I plan to do a review on this soon!) my lash glue that's missing its cap as of yesterday, eyebrow pencils, and a NYX brow powder. In the middle section I have some NYX primer, Garnier BB cream, a UD Naked skin sample pack, MUFE powder, liquid eyeliner, a few concealers, Porefessional, Mineral foundation and my Bronzer. On the right side a few more concealers, my mascara and eyeliner, Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk and Benefits Watts Up. I keep floss picks in the little jeweled box next to this. I can put a variety of items in this piece which I like so I have some options of what I want to use.


Next I have this cute set of drawers. They're tiny, but useful. Top drawer I have a Nars blush, Elf golden Bronzer, an Elf quad, and some NYX roll on shimmers. These are beautiful! I will probably use them in an upcoming tutorial. Second drawer I keep my much loved paint pot, 2 milani baked blushes (gorgeous) the brush that came in the Hoola Bronzer, and 2 Hard Candy loose pigments. In the bottom drawer I keep 4 L'Oreal Infallible Eye Shadows, 2glitter liners, and a Chapstick. I keep a pack of Simple brand Makeup remover wipes on top of this. And to the left of it I keep my Elf HD powder and an EOS lip balm.


So there you have it. That's how I organized the makeup I reach for the most. Obviously I don't wear all of these products every single day, that would be nuts. And I'm sure this will change up sooner or later, but for now it works and I'm happy with it! Much better than a little bag full of makeup on my counter! Now if i could only organize the rest of my collection.. How do you ladies organize yours? Thanks for reading!!




  1. I love those little drawers. I have some too and they are so perfect for organizing!

  2. It looks like you are all loaded up on NYX rollerballs just like me! Love your chevrons!
    Found you through MUT blogger link up. I am Momsgotmail.

  3. Thanks so much! Yes I love them I must get more! I followed you:)