Saturday, November 2, 2013

Anastasia Brow Genius Kit Review

Hi there! I'm here today with a review on this product I bought about a month ago, the Anastasia Brow Genius Kit. It's one of the most unique products I own. If you want to see my review on this, click below!

The kit itself comes just like this, a sleeve type package. It's pretty loose and I found this a bit annoying in the store because I went to pick one up and it just opened and dumped the products everywhere. Some tape could easily fix this but oh well.


What comes in it

- A dual ended brush, with a spoolie on one end and a small angled liner brush on the other

- The Beauty Genius clear waterproofing gel

- Loose brow powder

Also a little packet of info on how to apply.

Brow Powder


Waterproofing Gel



So what you do is tap a little of the loose powder into the lid. Then taking your brush, swipe it along the little plastic part of the waterproofing gel. Smush the brush into the powder in your lid to form a "paste." The shade I have is Brunette, which is very dark so I only ever tap a very tiny amount into the lid, I don't want to put too much in and waste product. From there I start applying the product to the end of my brows, then fill in the front. Because I only ever use a very tiny amount of product, I usually have to add a little more powder and gel to finish my brows. This product also dries quickly. So it takes some getting use to, and you also need to clean the brush off with some makeup remover when you're done.

This is a tedious product to work with in my opinion. It entails a lot more than just using a pencil or regular powder. It gives you great results though. I use this product when I want to spend time on my brows and I really want them to stay looking amazing for a long time. Now, I never have problems with the other brow pencils or powders not lasting long but they will slightly wear off. This products does not do that. My brows looks like I just did them hours later.

Here are my naked brows, so horrible I can't even.

And here they are with just the brow genius kit applied.

With this product, you can go natural, or very dramatic. Depending on how much powder you use.

I really like this product, even though I don't use it everyday. It's quicker for me to just fill them in with a pencil. But when I'm feeling fancy I love to use this. I picked it up for $23.00 at Ulta. I feel like I should have bought the medium brown one (which was the only other shade they had) but brunette is working just fine for me. I suggest only buying the brunette shade if you have very dark hair.


Lasts a very long time


You can adjust the shade

Makes your brows looks fabulous!

Worth the money

You can use the gel with any other loose powder you have


It's a process to apply

Not a fan of the packaging

So all in all If you want to invest in a really nice brow product, this is it. Your brows will look fabulous forever, and honestly this product will last a very long time as you only need a tiny bit of powder and gel.

Bonus! OOTD

I also took a picture of my outfit, because I usually wear a hoodie and yoga pants.. my jacket is from Love Culture, tank is from Target, Scarf is from Meijer a couple years ago.

I just wore black leggings and some knee boots, I'm not sure where they came from, they were a Christmas gift from my mama last year.

I hope you all liked this review/OOTD! I'm finally starting to get those reviews up I've talked about forever. I like to give products I buy a good go before I review them. Thank you all so much for reading! What are your favorite brow products!?

--Nicole :)


  1. Seems like a good brow kit. I need some practice with doing my brows. Wat would you suggest as a brow produce for a beginner?

    1. I'd say a matte brown shadow close to your hair color, a little lighter if it's dark. Or Maybelline makes an amazing brow pencil called define a brow, I love that one! Super easy to use! I hope this helps! :)

  2. your eyebrows look really nice, great post :)

  3. This is an interesting product!! Ice always heard great things about it though and I've always wanted to try their brow products.

    1. It really is! It's much different from any brow products I've seen, I also own the Anastasia brow wiz and I like that a lot, I just need a darker color.

  4. Great post - I've heard a lot about this product but wasn't sure about it. Now it's def on my wish list!

    1. Thank you! yes! it's definitely a neat product, I'm glad I picked it up!

  5. You're so gorgeous and I like how your brows looks after...
    It looks like great product. :)
    Thanks for the amazing review. Love it. Xoxo
    Sincerely Renny

  6. Great Review! This sounds like a really good brow kit! I know what you mean about wearing hoodies and yoga pants! I have so many of both items. I love that outfit and those boots!

    1. Thanks so much girl! I'm a total couch potato at heart, love my comfy clothes!

  7. really nice review :) need to get this kit ... my eyebrows need it :)

  8. Adorable outfit and boots!! Thanks for this review Nicole. I was debating on this...I got Anastasia's Brow Wiz and I like it...but I was also thinking about this when that runs out. I think I might check out the medium brown! Your brows look to die for!

    1. Thank you!! It's really cool I do recommend it if you like spending time on your brows, pencils are always quicker though!