Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Ideal Palette Tag: Neutrals

Browsing my youtube subscriptions the other day I came across the wonderful CarahAmelies new video called My Ideal Palette Tag! I thought it was such a fun idea. Basically you pick 2 highlight colors, 2 lid colors, 2 crease colors, 2 outer corner colors 2 bonus colors and palette packaging, that would form your ideal palette. I knew I wanted to do a post about this but I made mine slightly different. I just basically picked some of my favorite neutrals that I'd love to have in one palette. I picked 7, which bugs me now because why didn't I just pick 8..Oh well. I plan to do a follow up post of my ideal colorful palette, because we all know I love color. ALSO, all of these shadows but one are from Urban Decay. Mostly because the majority of my neutral eyeshadows are from Urban Decay palettes and their eyeshadows are the best I've ever tried. Anyway this is a huge intro lets just get to the business.

From L-R

Crave - UD Naked Basics

Derailed - UD Vice 2

Toasted - Naked 1

Faint - Naked Basics

Naked - Naked 1

W.O.S - Naked Basics

White - NYX Single Eyeshadow

Also, obviously I love matte shadows! Hahah. I love all these shadows so much. They're definitely my most used neutrals. I could have thrown Buck in there also but Naked and Faint are great brown crease colors. As for the packaging I'd pick.. I'm going to have to go Urban Decay again. The packaging for the Naked Basics palette is perfect in my opinion. It's sturdy, compact, nice mirror and just cute!





This little tag was fun to do, even if I didn't completely follow the rules. They're made to be broken right? I suggest you all do this! And don't worry, my colorful pallete should have some more variety in it :) hope you all enjoyed this! Thank you so much for reading! Xoxo

--Nicole :)



  1. I love this post Nicole! Some of those are my favorite neutral shades. I watch Carah Amalie on youtube and thought this was a great tag that she made. I can't wait to see what would be in your colorful palette!

  2. What a fun post!!! You definitely picked some good shades, I agree UD has some of the best shadows!!

    xo, Lily

  3. Love those colors you picked. They would be in my ideal palette too!


  4. This is a great tag. I love doing tag.
    Ohh and I love all the neutral shades you chose. Totally my type of ideal palette. :)
    Great post and thanks for sharing.
    Sincerely Renny

  5. What a fun tag! You definitely picked some great shades!


  6. This is a really great idea for a tag!! Might have to do this one!! You picked some really great colors!



  7. We could follow each other if u want :)

    I'm fashion blogger from Slovenia,

    let me know


  8. Great tag, I haven't seen this one before. I love Urban Decay eye shadow's too, they are amazing!

    Lovely blog, I'm now following on GFC and Blog Lovin

    Kimberley x


  9. Thank you all so much! This was such a fun tag :) I appreciate all your comments so much :)

  10. Sounds like a fun tag! Would love to do it so I hope I get tagged soon. :)