Friday, November 8, 2013

Sunshine Award & Liebster Award

Hi everyone! Happy Friday! I was nominated by two wonderful ladies for the Sunshine Award and the Liebster Award. I was nominated for the Sunshine award by Ambi of Ambi Fashion and the Liebster Award by Kim of PeachyPowderPuff. Both those ladies have awesome blogs and you should definitely go follow them. Thank you girls so much for nominating me <3 :)

I'm going to combine the 2, because they both have similar rules. I've answer both the ladies questions and create my own for you at the end! For the Sunshine Award, you are suppose to list 11 facts about yourself, so I'll start with that! Click below to read my answers!

1. I'm so excited for Christmas, it's my most favorite time of the year. I'm currently wearing a Grinch shirt that my boyfriend just bought me :) see Instagram for photos! Npayyne

2. I'm guilty of having occasional road rage.

3. My favorite flower is a Sunflower.

4. I love Charlie Brown anything, it just warms my heart.

5. I am a candy ADDICT.

6. I've completely fallen off my nail game, stress has made me pick them to death and they looks crappy now :( I will get them back to normal!

7. My closet is never organized for more than two days.

8. My hair is currently the longest it's been in my whole life.

9. I love to fish!

10. My favorite resturant is Mongolian BBQ.

11. I'm a weirdo really..

Here are Ambis Questions :)



1- what is your favorite color ?
2- Spring or fall ? Why?
Fall! Halloween - Christmas time is my favorite!
3- Lip stick or lip gloss ?
Lipstick, not a big gloss fan.
4- favorite book of all time to read ?
Harry Potter! I'm a HUGE Harry Pottter nerd.
5- MAC or Urban decay ?
UD, even though I've been trying out more MAC products lately, I just love my Urban Decay.
6- body mist or perfume ?
7- what is your dream job?
I would really love to create my own cosmetics one day.
8- what is your hobby?
Blogging, Crocheting, Cooking!
9- Why did you started blogging?
I've always wanted to, I just got enough balls to I guess you could say, ahhah!
10- Which blogger inspire you ?
All of them! I love to see everyone a different opinions and what they post on.
11- Makeup brushes or sponges ?
And now Kim's Questions..
1.What's your favourite time of day and why?
Whenever I get off work!
2.Who in your life has influenced you the most?
My daddy.
3.What's your favourite type of food? (Chinese,Italian etcc.)
Stir Fry! And Greek Food!! So love Greek food.
4.Where would you like to be in your life in 5 years time?
Married to Danny, doing something I love. Still blogging :)
5.City or country?
6.What's your favourite thing about blogging?
I can write whatever I want, and it's a way to showcase my abilities. I think it will be either fun or horrifying to look back in a year and see how far I've come.
7.What 5 celebrities would be at your dream dinner party? (They can be dead or alive)
Ville Valo, Shannon Hoon, Miranda Lambert, Norman Reedus & Marilyn Manson.
8.How long does it take you to do your make up?
I only wear makeup 2ish days a week, and I usually like to spend a good half hour on it.
9.What's your earliest memory?
Sometime when I was maybe 2 or 3, playing in my room at our old apartment.
10.If someone asked you for a piece of advice,what would you tell them?
Don't blink. It's cheesy but true.
11.Where do you next want to go on holiday?
Anywhere really, I never get to vacation though.
Onto my questions.
1. Silver or gold jewelry?
2. Favorite store?
3. Most worn shoes?
4. Style Icon?
5. What would your superpower be if you could have one?
6. What's currently on your nails?
7. Favorite makeup for a quick look?
8. Favorite movie?
9. Last movie you saw in theaters?
10. If you could be one age foreve what would it be?
11. Dream car?
Im tagging anyone who wants to do this, you reading this, I'm tagging you!! I hope you guys enjoyed this, and learned a little more about yours truly. Thanks so much for reading and to Ambi and Kim for nominating me<3

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