Saturday, November 23, 2013

Maybelline Color Elixir Review- Hibiscus Haven


Hi everyone! I have another lip product review for you, the new Maybelline Color Elixir by Colorsensational in Hibiscus Haven. Again I've let a few days slip by me without blogging and I don't like that! Time just gets away from me and I had all intentions of being super productive this morning and then a migraine struck! I told it to get lost I have an awesome review to write, and it put up a fight but I won. I'm rambling now because it's 1am and I should be sleeping.. Any way back to the product, I'm kind of obsessed with this. If you want to read my review on it, please click below!

Maybelline describes this new product as "A trio of concentrates delivers the color of a lipstick, the cushiony care of a balm, and the glass shine of a gloss." Which I find all to be pretty true.

I'll start with the packaging, It's beautiful. To the eye it looks like a lipstick but it's just a bullet shaped well that the gloss sits in. I think it's such a unique idea. I love when I company changes things up a bit and they definately have with not only the packaging, but the product as well. Its about the size of a regular lipstick, and has a nice "mirrored" top. It's nice and sturdy too, I don't feel like it would open in my purse. Overall I gave the packaging an A, I love it!


The applicator itself is also different from other glosses. It's a bit wider and pointier than the traditional doe-foot applicator and I feel that makes a huge difference in how it applies. It's very easy to get into the corners and points of the lips, which is especially great if you have very defined lips like myself. Also, it's softer than regular doe-foots and applies the product so smoothly.


Hibiscus Haven is a bright, bubblegum pink color, which if you've read my blog for awhile you'd know I love! I was immediately drawn to this because of how bright it was. You can see it swatches beautifully, very pigmented and glossy.

Here it is alone on my lips. I have pretty pigmented lips naturally so it doesn't show up as bright as I hoped but it still leaves a beautiful pink color! I get excellent wear out of this, I wore it last night for three hours and it looked as if I had just applied it. It did wear off after I ate and drank. It's not at all sticky, which is a huge plus for me. As I've said before I'm not a huge gloss girl but I really do love this one. I've been wearing it paired over my favorite hot pink lipstick Wet n Wild Penthouse Sweet from the Fergie Collection.


Pairing it with that lipstick creates the most stunning bubblegum pink. I'm in love. Even pairing it over a more nude lipstick makes a great, bright pink lip.


-Applies like butter

-Not sticky, very smooth!


-Long wearing

-Great packaging & applicator


-doesn't show up as bright as the swatch on darker pigmented lips like mine.

-The smell isn't good or bad, just generic lipgloss smell, it doesn't last though

This is another lip product I've discovered that I love. Their are 20 shades total and there is definately some others that I plan on picking up! I got mine for about 7 dollars from Meijer. I highly recommend if you're on the fence about these to try them out! I hope you all enjoyed this review, and thank you so much for reading!



  1. I think I'll have to pick up two or three of these next time I stop by the drugstore. I love Maybelline products. Great review!

  2. Love this pink ,bright and beautiful!

  3. Hello girlie :)

    Like the blog, maybe follow each other? :)

  4. Great color! I just picked this up in the shade mauve mystique and it's so pretty

    1. Just looked that color up and it's so pretty! definitely have to put that on my list :)

  5. Very pretty!! The color is gorgeous! I like how they are little like lipsticks too :)

  6. Don't worry about time slipping away from are one of the most dedicated bloggers I know and your posts are always worth the wait! This is so pretty, and I especially love it paired with the lipstick!

    1. Oh girl your comments are always so sweet!! <3 thank you so much!

  7. I haven't really seen any of those in stores but I really want to get my hands on one!

  8. That is a stunning color! I've been seeing these ads a lot on tv lately! Thanks for sharing the pros and the cons! I also meant to add in my comment on your other post that the post I tagged you in is the Team Memeber Readership Award. I forgot to mentioned what post I was talking about oops!! lol

  9. such a beautiful color!