Saturday, October 5, 2013

Big ELF Haul.

Hi there. Today I bring you an ELF haul because I still have no control over my spending. But it's ok because it's elf and it's all super cheap! The most expensive thing I bought was 5 dollars, can't beat it. I haven't browsed elfs website in a year or so, they had a lot of new products so I got a bunch of stuff to try out.
So if you want to see what I picked up, click below :)

First I got a few brushes. The elf essentials brushes are only 1.00 dollar each. I got 3 eyeshadow brushes and one smudge brush. I feel like you can never have too many standard shadow brushes. I'm doing a few girls makeup for Halloween and I'm going to need some backup brushes! Then from the studio line I picked up a small angle liner brush, again you can never have too many of these. Also the angled contour brush, which is quite unique.


I also got these 4 eyeshadow quads, for $1.00 each. I mean.. A dollar?! Come on..

L- R top to bottom Drama, Silver Lining, Ocean Dreams & Luxe.

The swatches for these are done backwards, so I started swatching with my pinkie finger, just an FYI. I didn't realize while I was doing it that it was kind of stupid, sorry!

This is Drama. I actually own this quad already, and the only reason I repurchased is because of the white. It's my favorite matte white, and I'm about out of my other one. So imagine my suprise when I swatched this and got that!? (On the pinkie) I'm confused, it came off a little shimmery to me and very little pigmentation. Perhaps they changed the color, oh well. The rest of the colors are super pigmented as you can tell.



Here is Silver Lining. All very pigmented. The first and last shade are quite similar though.


Ocean Dreams. I apologize for the swatch picture being so blurry. I didn't realize until now and I'm not at home to redo it. The matte blue and matte pirple shades are slightly chalky, but you can still work with them. The other two blue shades are very pretty and pigmented!


And finally we have Luxe, beautifu!! All the colors swatched amazingly. I'm very excited to use this quad!

I think these little quads are great. They have many other colors, I own two others also. You really cannot go wrong with these for a dollar!

Next I picked up an HD lifting concealer in Adjusting. It's just a corrective green concealer. I get a lot of redness on the bridge of my nose and around my nostrils and a green will really help to combat that. I also got 2 of the Maximum Coverage Concealers. I got the shades Sand and Nude. All of the concealers were $3.00, amazing. As you can see from the swatches, all 3 offer very great coverage and pigmentation. I'm excited to try these out! I feel like I buy so much concealer, I swear. It's an issue..

Next we have some lip products. I got the lip lock pencil as just a universal lip liner. I own a lot of lipsticks that are crazy colors and I don't always want to go buy a coordinating lip liner, so I'm hoping this will help me out! I also bought the Conditioning Lip Balm in Nice and Natural. I've had this before, really loved it. It's just a great lip balm that offers a natural color. I feel like this is a great dupe for the Korres Lip Butter in Jasmine, which is 15.00 dollars, while the Elf one is 3.00. Maybe I'll compare and do a post on that! Both the lip pencil and the balm were $3.00. Lastly is a lipstick in Matural Nymph. I've heard this is a dupe for MAC Myth. I don't own Myth so I can't speak to that, but it is a nice super nude shade. This lipstick was $5.00.

Now we have some fun face products. First up is a baked highlighter in Blush Gems. This is such a pretty color! I think it'll be great to use as an eyeshadow aswell. Next is an HD blush in Headliner. The reason I got this is because they were donating 100% of the profits to breast cancer research and every little bit helps! I've never tried any kind of blush that wasn't just powder. The consistency of this is so smooth and buttery, almost feels like a primer. And just a tad goes a longggg way. Seriously this stuff will last me forever. The color is a gorgeous pink! I also got this Radiance Enhancer highlighting pen in Spotlight. This stuff is gorgeous too! Just the prettiest pearly pink. I like the pen idea too, easy to apply!

Whew I feel like that was a lot. I also got some makeup removing wipes, I've tried them before and liked them. Elf has so many great products for seriously affordable prices. Im hoping I can find some gems in these products I've purchased! I let you guys kmow :)

As always thanks so much for reading. I wanted to say I've reached 20 followers on blogger and that's a big deal for me! I know it's small but I wanted to thank everyone who reads my blog! You guys are awesome! Hope you enjoyed this post!





  1. I'm waiting on an elf package myself! They take forever to ship :( But I also picked up Headliner HD blush and blush gems! Lovely haul!

    1. I used blush gems today and really liked it! I was really surprised I got my package in four days! Hope you get your soon! Waiting for packages kills me :(

  2. The Luxe eyeshadow quad is so pretty! I'm curious to know how the concealer works too!

    1. I used it today and it seemed to work very well! I haven't had it on for very long but we will see!

  3. we love you and I am so glad your blog is growing! Fun haul...I honestly can't live without Elf brushes!!

    1. Thank you Margo! <3 I can't either, I forgot how great they are! I'm on a brush buying kick now, good thing they're so affordable!

  4. Hey! i just started my blog, and i see your blog is amazing! could i have some tips? like what to do next? and how do you get any comments? i can't seem to get any. Thanks so much!!

  5. Thank you darling! Well I try to post at least 4-5 times a week. I'd like to everyday but life gets in the way. Also find other blogs you like and follow them, comment on posts you like and eventually people will start checking your blog out! It takes time but it will happen, I'll follow you!