Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Everyday Makeup Brushes


Two posts in one night, go me! I meant to get this post up yesterday, but had some issues. So I'm bringing it to you today. Out of all the makeup brushes I own, I reach for these on a daily basis. I apologize for the weird picture quality. I'm still working on my lighting situation.

I'm going to start with face brushes. From left to right.

Sigma F30 Large Powder Brush- I use this everyday to apply my Rimmel Stay Matte. It's a synthetic brush from the Sigma Mrs. bunny Collection. It's very large, fluffy and ridiculously soft.

Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki- If I'm not using my Beauty Blender to apply foundation, I'm using this. I love it to apply liquid foundation. It's dense but very soft. Synthetic bristles. It buffs it in flawlessly, no streaks.

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush- I use this brush for many different things, applying liquid foundation, contouring, blending blush and bronzer. It's super soft, synthetic bristles. Besides all that it's asthetically pleasing. It stands on its own!

Sigma F40 Large Angled Contour- I love this brush to apply blush or Bronzer. It's natural bristles. Not as soft as the synthetic ones but still soft. This is one of my favorite brushes, probably because I love blush and Bronzer so much!

Next well do eye brushes, starting with blending brushes.

E35 Tapered Blending- I use this natural bristled brush a lot for blending shadow out in my crease! It's the mini version I got for spending over $30 on Sigmas website.

E40 Tapered Blending- this is my go-to brush for applying a transition shade into my crease. This is the synthetic version from the Mrs. bunny Kit. I own the natural version but I just like this one better for some reason. This one is a littler more sturdy.

ELF Blending Eye Brush- I use this to apply dark shades into my crease. It's smaller than my regular blending brushes and the natural bristles really pack the color in. Also it was a DOLLAR. For real. It's a bit flimsy but for a dollar, works great.

Onto the rest of the eye brushes

ELF Smudge Brush- This brush is great for smudging out eyeliner on the lower lashline and applying shadow there. This brush was also a dollar!

Sigma E55 Eye Shading- Again this is from the Mrs Bunny Kit, it does an amazing job of packing shadow onto the lid!

Sigma E70 Angled Shading- The next two are the same brush, one is just synthetic. I use the first one strictly to apply my browbone highlight. And the next one strictly to apply my paint pot to my lid. For whatever reason, this brush is stained purple though. Don't ask me how or why it just it!

Sigma E65 Small Angled Liner- I own 2 of these. I love them for filling in my brows with powder, applying shadow to the lower lashline, gel liner. They have many uses! I feel like you can never have enough angled liner brushes.

So those are my favorites! I love brushes and I've been meaning to invest in another sigma kit. The last time I bought from them was almost two years ago. I'm dying to try some more Real Techniques brushes as well. What are some of your favorite brushes?! Hope you enjoyed this post and maybe try some of these out :)

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  1. Nice post! I love reading reviews on brushes. I'm currently waiting on my brushes order from Avon. They have pretty good brushes too. I've been really wanting to give Sigma a try. I'm thinking I should also put that on my Christmas/Birthday wish list among other makeup items! Oh btw, I also followed you on google +

    1. Thanks girly! I haven't tried any Avon brushes, let me know how you like them! Sigmas great but they raised their prices a bit. I'll follow you back :)

    2. You're welcome! I actually already have some Avon brushes, and they work really well, and reasonably priced. I don't have any complaints :) I plan on posting a review once I get my new brushes.

  2. These are my favorite posts to read. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I've always wanted to try sigma brushes! I was going to by some a whole ago but ended up getting a different brand because they were cheaper. I kind of regret it and now I think sigma raised their prices! Ahh! This is a great post though! I might have to do one as well :-)

    1. A while ago I mean hahah!

    2. They did:( that's why I've put off buying another set. They're still worth it but I wish they would have just kept them the same price. Oh well! Thank you Ashley :)

  4. Great post! I think I'm going to buy the expert face brush for my foundation :)



    1. Thank you! It's wonderful and affordable :)