Sunday, October 20, 2013

Posh Colors Brush Set Review

Meandering around Walgreens the other day, something caught my eye.. Something colorful. These brushes! They were so tiny, cute, colorful and cheap! This little set of 5 brushes was only $5.00. I'll be giving a general impression of all the brushes individually, then an overall review! If you'd like to see my review, click below! :)

This is the packaging the brushes came in. There was also a travel set with dual ended face brushes and a few eye brushes, it was $9.99 I believe. I didn't focus much on that one.

These are so tiny! Here they are in comparison to a Sigma blending brush. They really are ideal for traveling.

The little "case" they came it was flimsy and cheap, it probably wouldn't stay closed in your purse but for $5.00 it's great. It has a clear flap you can use to cover the brushes. Then a black flap that tucks into the little strap.

The powder brush. I have used this for blush, it is soft. Not as soft as my sigma brushes, but still soft. I did have one hair on my cheek during application. So I'm not sure how well it will hold up during washing. But still a great, inexpensive travel brush. As far as I can read on the website, it says these are synthetic brushes, but this one, the shadow brush, and crease brush all feel like natural hairs to me. I was having some issues with the website though so my information may be off.

Shadow brush. I like it, again not as soft as my sigmas but still nice! Packs on color well. A generally greet shadow brush.

Concealer brush. This one does feel synthetic to me, but not the cheap synthetic you usually get with inexpensive brushes. It's actually quite soft. Not too stiff but not too flimsy either. I haven't been using it for concealing, but instead for blending my lip liner and it works well for that.

This little goober! The crease brush, is so tiny! It almost feels a little picky because it is so short, but it works well for placing color into small spot, crease, inner corner, lash line.. It also works well for applying color under the lower lashline.


The eyeliner brush, I do believe this is my favorite of the bunch, maybe because it's neon pink? Maybe because I love angled liner brushes! Anyway I think this one is so great because it's thin! I have shown compared to the ELF angled liner brush, and it's about twice as wide/long(?) but much thinner. I like this to apply powder to my brows, it gives a more crisp line! It has just enough stiffness to it. However I do believe it may be too big to apply gel liner on the top lash line.

All in all, I give these brush a 4.5 out of 5. I fear the shadow, crease and blush brush may shed when I wash them but we will see. They are very soft considering they were only $5.00. The handle of the brush is very sturdy and sleek, and they are very asthetically pleasing! I will be keeping these in my makeup bag in my purse, they will be great for traveling. Maybe picking another set up for a little christmas gift. They're just so cute and tiny I couldn't pass them up. If you see these in your local drugstore, I suggest picking them up!

Hope you lovelies enjoyed this review! Thank you so much for reading and being awesome!