Thursday, October 24, 2013

Everyday Eye Look


Hiiiii. My post today is going to be on the eye look I wear when I just want something quick and cute. Also, I think this is only my second neutral look? Crazy. I own 500 neutral palettes. Not really but ya know. You'd just think I'd do more neutrals. I just love color so! If you want to see how I do this look, click below :) it's super easy!

I did this whole look with the Naked Basics palette. I wasn't too crazy about this when I first got it, I just didn't use it often. But I've really been using it a lot lately.

1. I started with a primed lid and applied Naked 2 in my crease.

2. Next I applied W.O.S to my lid.

3. Then I applied Faint to my crease and outer corner with a small blending brush. Blend it out into Naked 2.

4. I lined my lower lashline and tightlined with a black liner. Then I smudged out the lower lashline with Crave. I also highlighted my brow with W.O.S

This pic is from an old post.

I didn't apply any liner to my top lashline, just lots of mascara.

That's it! It's an easy, cute look. It goes great with a bright pink lip! Also, I think I may have my photo issue sorted out, we will see if this goes smoothly! Thank you all so much for reading and all your lovely comments you've been leaving. And hello new followers! So glad to have you all. I hope you enjoyed this post :)





  1. Pretty look! I use my naked basics a lot to get a look like this! It's great for everyday wear and it's something fast I can do in the morning when I'm running late!

    1. Yes that's why I love it so much now! Sometimes I just don't feel like being creative and I know it will always look fab if I use this!

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