Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Colorful Smoky Eye

Hey there! Today's gonna be kind of a quick post. I created this look earlier and really wanted to share it with you, but unfortunately I didn't take pictures along the way so it's not going to be much of a tutorial. My Bold and Bright palette was staring me right in the face today saying play with me! So play I did. This look is really fun, colorful and dramatic. As you know, I'm not afraid of color!

I started this look,with a white base, NYX JEP in Milk, blended all over the lid. This made the colorful shadows really stand out.


Bottom two on the left picture, center on the right.

Next I took a lime green shadow, and applied it to the inner third of my lid. Then I took a bright light blue and patted it on the center of my lid, then took a bright fuchsia/purply color and put that on the outer third of my lid. You're going to want to spend a bit of time blending all these shadows, since they're all so different it's going to take some effort.

Next using a matte black shadow on a tiny blending brush and blended it into my crease, all the way towards the inner corner.

Then I applied some more Milk under my brow and used a matte white shadow to highlight, dragging it down and blending with the black. I applied the purple, Blue and green shadows along my lower lashline, tight lined and applied liquid liner, falsies (Red Cherry 106) and mascara. I cleaned up the edges with a makeup wipe and concealer.

I really wish I took pictures along the way but I was kind of just going in blind and ended up with this. It's kind of similar to my Sunset Eyes look you can see here just much more dramatic.

--Nicole :)



  1. This is SO pretty Nicole! I love all of those bright colors on you! I wish I could be more bold with colors lol!!

    1. Thank you! And do it! It's so much fun. When I first experimented it always came out ridiculous but it all comes together eventually!

  2. Great colorful smokey eye! I love the colors!