Tuesday, October 22, 2013

What's in my travel makeup bag?


Hey there! Today I wanted to show you what I've been keeping in my purse makeup bag. The bag I use is pictured above, and it's definitely the cutest makeup bag you've ever seen. I got it from Forever 21 for like 6 dollars. They had a larger one in pink and I should have gotten that one too. It's so cute! I love boston terriers, I like to say my dog is a mini boston because she has the same coloring and pattern but is a chihuahua. Anyway! Back to the point of this post..

1. I have 3 Maybelline Color Whispers in Go Nude, Petal Revel and La La Lilac. I love these. I have a problem of throwing whatever lip color I'm wading in my purse and forgetting about it. I need to take these out so I remember to wear them. Also pictured is a LOreal True Match Concealer in Light.

2. Milani baked blush in Luminoso.

3. Wet n Wild Lipstick in Fegie Daily. One of my favorite nudes. Also Palmers Cocoa Butter Swivel Stick. I use to use this religiously for my Chapstick, but stopped. I just have so many other lip balms. I stuck it in there in hopes of using it more but I honestly haven't.

4. Makeup Forever Pro-finish powder.

5. Maybelline Define-A-Brow in dark blonde.

6. An EOS lip balm in blueberry? It's from the Disney Collecrion they had last year with the vanilla and the other pink one.

7. Hoola Bronzer. This is my favorite Bronzer, I keep it in my purse because I don't often touch up my Bronzer and I want to keep this stuff forever! I can dream.

8. Finally we have 2 Maybelline Baby Lips. One in the Dr. rescue formula in Coral Crave, and the other in Pink Wink. No joke, pink wink smells exactly like bubble tape. I'm talking identical. It takes everything in me not to eat this stuff.

So that's what I carry with me makeup wise. I guarantee there are some lipsticks floating around my bag as well as some other random products. I really don't touch up my makeup that often throughout the day besides lipstick and powdering my face, but it's nice to have some backup stuff just in case. I also carry a kabuki brush with me but of course that's lost somewhere in the depths of my purse which I'm sure is so sanitary right..

I know this was a short post. I actually bought something awesome today to improve my posts. It's called an Eye-Fi. It's just a memory card that has wifi and will send the pictures from your camera straight to your ipad or phone. You just download the app and verify your card. Of course it didn't work for me at first and I had to play around with it. I think I've got it figured out though, these pictures were kind of the test and it worked just fine. So I hope you like the improved picture quality, and what I keep in my purse! :)

Thanks so much for reading ladies!




  1. Love that bag! I rarely touch up makeup throughout the day as well, besides lipstick so I usually just carry whatever color I'm wearing with me. I feel like if I carried more makeup I would forget it's in there and then it would never get used!

    1. I do that! I swear some of this stuff has not been touched in a month!

  2. That bag is super cute! I also have a habit of losing lip products in my purse and forgetting about them lol. It's not my fault it's a bottomless pit in there! :-)

    1. I know right! There is so much stuff in my purse, i never know what I'm going to find in there.