Saturday, October 19, 2013

Target Haul


So I went to Target a few days ago, for one thing.. And you know how that goes. So if you want to see what I bought, click below!

-I lied, this DUO lash glue is from CVS. I wanted to get the Revlon Dark lash glue, that's what I used previously and I like that a lot better than the squeeze tube ones. But they didn't have any Revlon lash glue at Target. So I went to CVS and they didn't have any there either! So I settled for this. It works well, no complaints.

-I got another pack of the ELF makeup remover wipes, I went through my last pack really quickly. I used them to remove a ton of full face Halloween looks I've been doing. They work well and are cheap!

-I got this Garneir Fructis Volume Extend dry shampoo. I've been using the Batiste for dark hair and I do not like! The smell kills me :( even if I have the exhaust fan on in the bathroom. I love the smell of all Garnier hair products, and this one does not dissapoint, it smells amazing! It does leave a white cast on the hair though, so I have to be careful, which I'm not haha. But it goes away once you style it and toss it around a bit. I haven't washed my hair since Thursday and you cant even tell. I think I may have found a new love.

- Next is the Eyelure lashes in 100. These are the second kind of Eyelure lashes I've tried, and I really like this brand! The band is thin which is what I always look for in lashes. They are comfortable to wear and look natural but still add enough drama. I'm wearing them in my FOTD post from yesterday:)

- LOreal "The Super Slim 12 Hour" Infallible Liner now, I just made a post saying I don't like felt tip liners, but I purchased this anyway. I was planning on using it to do some pin-up makeup on my cousin but I ended up just sticking with the old faithful wet n wild. I'm not even going to attempt to use it on myself because I just can't with felt tips, but I know I can use it on one of my girls come time for Halloween makeup :)


- Maybelline Color Sensational Shocking Coral This lipstick, uhg. I wanted it for so long and kept putting it off. I finally got it and the color is nice, but it's not as opaque and I hoped. Here's the thing, when I went to test this on my lips, the bullet felt weird and I looked and it was gritty/bumpy looking? What in the world.. I swatched it back and forth a few times to see if it would go way but it wouldn't! If anyone has one of the lipsticks, specifically from the Vivids collection can you tell me if yours does this? I have others from the Color Sensational line and they do not do this! Needless to say I don't think I'll be using this. It was brand new when I bought it, no one had touched it. Weird..

-Finally I got some gum (best gum everrrrrr) and a tank.

That's all for my Target Haul. They always ask me if I want to sign up for a target card and I'm like of course I do but I have no self control and that would end badly for me! Hahaha. Thank you guys so much for reading. Hope you liked this post :)




  1. That's a nice lipstick color!:) Great haul!

  2. I will have to try that dry shampoo because I have yet to find one that I love!! And also that is really weird about the lip stick, I would try to return it maybe!

    1. Yes try it! I think it's awesome :) so bummed about that lipstick, I probably will return it!

  3. I have that Maybelline lipstick, it's such a great colour x

    1. Is yours a gritty texture like mine is? I think I may have gotten a bad one!

  4. Love the lipstick :)