Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Jordana 12 HR Made to Last Eyeshadow Pencil Review!

So browsing Walgreens the other day, I was came across these Jordana Eyeshadow Pencils. I had read some good things about them, so I decided to pick one up in Endless Emerald. I get home, swatched it, and died. It was so so beautiful. Now, any pencil can swatch beautifully, the thing I loved so much about this was that once it set, it wouldn't budge. I rubbed as hard as I could on my hand and nothing. This stuff stays in place! As soon as I realized how magical these were I called out to my boyfriend "We have to go back to Walgreens!!! Haveeeee to!" And we did. And I bought 4 more.

The colors I bought from L-R

Eternal White, Prolong Purple, Stay-On Black, Continuous Almond & Endless Emerald.

and they all swatch beautifully!


Prolong Purple and Endless Emerald are shimmery glittery shades, the rest are matte.

I used Eternal White in my white smoky eye tutorial I posted yesterday, I only applied a little, so I got a sheer wash of color. You can really amp up the coverage of these if you apply more though. They will still completely set and go nowhere! It takes about 10 seconds for them to set, I'd say. So apply, and blend quickly!


I did this look with Prolong Purple, and just put a coordinating purple shade over top, and some pink in the crease. It really made the purple shadow stand out and look way more beautiful than it would on its own.

I have been weary of cream eyeshadows in the past, mainly because I have very oily lids. I always use sparingly when cream is involved or I will experience creasing, no matter what primer I use. With these, I used my Painterly Paint pot and for the purpose of this review, I basically covered my lid in the pencil. I blended it slightly with my finger, when I did the glitter did became a bit more apparent, but I don't mind that at all. I wore this for about 3 or 4 hours and it still looked great right before I took it off, which makes it great in my book!

I got each of these for 3.00 at my Walgreens, excellent price for an excellent product! I'm very happy with these and I think Jordana has a lot of really great products. I look forward to picking up some more of their products!

I hope you enjoyed this review! Thank you so much for reading!





  1. Oh my gosh I need that endless emerald shade! So pretty. Great review, I haven't tried any products from this brand before!

    1. Yes it's so gorgeous! Thank you! You should def check them out, they have a lot of great inexpensive stuff!

  2. Wow, these I've got to try. I recently got the wet n wild eyeshadow pencils which were so disappointing, I'm gonna review them soon but needless to say they creased RIGHT away. Maybe these would hold up through a work day for me!

    1. Yes for sure try these! I've tried the wet n wild and was disappointed as well. These are so much different! Let me know if you do :)

  3. The eternal white is gorgeous! I love it! Great review, ox