Monday, October 21, 2013

Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette Swatches!

Today I bought something life changing, just kidding..but seriously. When this palette first came out I didn't pay much attention to it. I just recently took a real good look at the swatches and couldn't believe I shrugged it off. It's so beautiful! So pigmented! Never again will I neglect a new Urban Decay palette, especially a limited edition one. Technically, my lovely gram bought this for me. We have early christmas and I used my money from her to get this! Thanks gram, I love you! If you'd like to see swatches and a mini review of these shadows, and you know you want to, click below!


Smokeout-Very dark brown/black with very fine shimmer.

Lovesick-Black with silver shimmer.

Shellshock-AMAZING silver. Legit the most pigmented, metallic silver shadow I've ever seen.

Coax-Shimmery mid tone pink.

X-Rated- Light pink with light shimmer.


Prank- Dark almost black blue, with blueish green shimmer.

Madness- Shimmery bright mid tone blue.

Strike- Shimmery light gold.

Stash- Greenish brown with gold shimmer.

Poison- This one is similar to lovesick, but more of a taupe/black if that's even possible.. With silver shimmer.


Radar- Super shimmery bronze.

Damaged- Metallic Kelly green.

Voodoo- Grayish, purplish color with light blue shimmer.

Betrayal- Light iridescent purple with silver and light purple shimmer.

Derailed- Dark shimmery bronze/ taupe


Dope- Very shimmery champagne color.

Toxic- Rose gold.

Habit- Matte light brown.

Ambush- Similar to radar, just a bit lighter and more shimmery.

Rewind- Matte medium/dark brown

So let's count the number of times I said shimmery...about a million? Yeah I'm really bad at explaining colors I apologize for that! But honestly the swatches speak for themselves. All of these shades are very soft, the only one I had any fallout with was lovesick. I have yet to test these on the eyes though. My favorites so far are Shellshock, Toxic, Prank, Damaged and Ambush. I'm so impressed with this palette. Not only because the shadows are amazing, but the palette itself is great. It has a mirror the size of the palette inside. There is a button in front you push to open, it doesn't fling open either. I have one that does that and it's ridiculous. It opens at an angle and stays that way so you can easily use this to apply all your makeup. It's amazing!

So practical.

The packaging is beautiful, honestly I think it's the prettiest palette I own. The process they use to create this smokey purple pink design makes each palette unique! I think that's really just an awesome little something that makes this extra special.




They have included the dual ended Good Karma brush. The shadow side is a bit thicker than the one in the Naked 2 palette, which is one of my favorite brushes. It's purple and shiny and pretty and so soft!

Obviously I swooned over this palette this whole post, but it was hard not to. It comes with a hefty price tag of 59.00 but consider this; each single UD eyeshadow is 18.00 and contains 0.05 oz, these shadows are 0.03oz. I think it is a great deal. If you love fun, bright colors and want amazing quality I highly suggest this. You can also create a ton of neutral looks with it too though! I hope you guys enjoyed this post! I cannot wait to play around with these shadows! I also bought another UD product that I will be reviewing when I've use it for a bit.

Some other upcoming posts I have are a review on the Murad Mattifier lotion, a post on purple blushes, my everyday eye look and a review on some new MAC products I'm finally trying out! Hope you're looking forward to those!

Thank you so much for reading!!

--Nicole :)



  1. Omg i need this in my life! That toxic color is so pretty!

  2. I love this palette, I bought it a few weeks ago. One of my favorite shadows is "Prank", and I've used it several times already.

    1. I'm so excited to use prank it's beautiful!

  3. That palette is so gorgeous I can't even stand it LOL. I've been trying so hard not to buy it haha. I also love the brush that came in the naked2 palette and I was excited to see a brush in this one as well!

    1. I know right! You're gonna have to get it, you won't regret it!

  4. great review!!!! You have convinced me!! Your swatches are just soooo darn pretty!

    1. Thank you lady!! You need this it's amazing!

  5. Nicole , even when I first saw the palette , I said ," Wow , these are loud colors only a teenager will wear and will not suit me ar age 34". I couldn't be more wrong .i use it all the time . Yes , the colours are shimmery and unique , but you don't need much to make an impact with this palette . We can use this as an accent color or a by them selves . As for me , I don't wear mattes well at all so I'm not complaining . Most people are complaining about the brush and the lack of blending colors and lighter base colors . Think about this , in how many palettes do u see too many lightish base colors and how many do u end up using ? Also , we all have either separately or in palettes , these shades so here is a palette that packs in the most punch , insane pigmentation and true to pan colour pay off ( which is often not the case ). I'm thrilled that they have given us do many shades that are unique , instead.